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Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten (Full Album)

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Magrudergrind - “Excommunicated”

"Pushed away by friends.

Drama to no end.

Can’t stand the true reality.

Ousted by, excommunication.”

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Beyond Creation - The Aura (Full Album) (HD 1080p) (HQ Audio) (by DoctumDaemonium)

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Sepultura - Morbid Visions (FULL ALBUM VINYL RIP 33) 1986 (not cd master) (by TheFrostchild Weywoden)

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Napalm Death - Antibody (by reignmastermystery)

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My Minds Mine - Unseen World 7” (by peacefulapathy)

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This is the moshing that I grew up with. You got hit, but you understood that you ran that risk when you stood on the side. Everyone is such a fucking bitch these days.

This ^

i dont give a flying fuck what you grew up with asshole i dont wanna get fucking punched

if you can have a good time while knowing you’re hurting people, then you’re a fuckin pile of shit.
you can see the people are squeezed into the wall becouse one or two people need the whole room cause they can’t keep their own fucking limbs in control. and even when they have the whole room, they still don’t even manage to stay the fuck away  from the people that don’t want this bullshit anywhere near them.

there is literally no defence for this though like you can see those douchebags are going straight to the edges of the circle and rather than flailing wildly in an open space they’re pretty much TRYING to hit people

ditch the hypermasculinity, it’s not endearing, it doesn’t make you look hard, it’s just disgusting and sad and it gives people reason to laugh at you. slammers are the worst fucking people at any gig ever.

I play in a hardcore band, in which the mosh pits are like this, and I completely agree. It’s not fair to the people who are there to just support the band and have a nice time watching them AND want to have a good view of them (usually you just stand behind other people to avoid getting hit and even then there can be a domino effect when they get hit or are trying to avoid it) People like this don’t make it fun for anyone else and really it’s not difficult to just stick to the middle if you’re going to flail your arms and legs wildly around.


Yes, mosh like a fucking adult.

At a thrash show people like this get beaten. For you “metal” kids who are actually listening to hardcore, don’t do this when you go to a real metal show. “Mosh like an adult.”

"This is the moshing I grew up with"

How old are you, then? Twelve?

Nobody’s going to shows just to get their face bashed in by some douche flailing his arms around. I was just at a thrash show literally two weeks ago and they, as far as I’m aware, are notorious for insane mosh pits. You know what people were doing in the pit?


People were doing fucking jigs in the pit at a thrash show. I saw there what you might expect to see at a folk show: jigs, people holding hands and spinning in circles, people with their arms across others’ shoulders stomping around the perimeter while they sang along. Hell, people were doing the “Walk like an Egyptian” dance together!

You’re a piece of shit if you expect to find this in the pit and/or try to start this, and how dare you intentionally try to hurt someone else. You can expect to get hurt, sure. Everyone should because it happens. It happened at the same show where people were doing jigs, but you know what? They carried each other out of the pit when it did, they pulled each other back to their feet, they shook hands, some people even hugged. You’re all there for the same reason: to have fun. If you’re ruining someone else’s fun by trying to punch their teeth down their throat, stay the hell out of it.

At Mayhem, I had to sit through Emmure so I’d get a good spot for Children of Bodom. All the Emmure crowd did was jump up and down and try to beat the utter shit out of each other. I got kicked in the head and fell down a few times. No one helped me up or anything.

During Bodom, the crowd was rough, but I enjoyed it so much more because they weren’t TRYING to injure anyone. I fell, people helped me up and asked if I was alright. Some guy even blocked me when a crowd surfer almost kicked me in the face.

Yeah, the risk of injury was still there, but I felt so much safer.

That’s not called moshing,
That’s called being a fucking twat.

Death to all modern day “hardcore” tossers.

I’ve watched grown ass men holding down teenagers to make them stop doing this cause they just were doing it outside of the pit and hitting women. That’s not how you mosh, if you want to move like that, don’t do it to people on the edge. 

Some prick with a hood covering his face tried to do this during BTBAM’s set. A huge bearded guy shoved him to the ground.

I’ve been to some pretty violent shows(I saw Cryptopsy in their early days and some grindcore) but anyone who acted like this was tossed out on their ass. Fucking hardcore loser shitheads. Seriously. 

Back in the day, I have personally beaten the shit out of people who were behaving like this in the pit and decided it would be hilarious to purposely elbow the wrong girl in the kidneys, etc., and then smirked in my face. Other people would usually jump in and physically throw them out after too much violent obnoxiousness. I actually appreciated it at one show where a couple of aging bikers who were not even working security kept bouncing the assholes.

There’s just no excuse. And nobody should have to resort to self defense like that because of violent assholes who also so often specifically target any girls they see.

Lol @ “This is the moshing that I grew up with”

I remember seeing a few zines from the 90s complaining about violence at shows and how jockish douchebros who were new to the scene didn’t know how to mosh and just acted like total turds. Kids at the show can flail around, but if you get knocked down, you should be helped up. The only show I wound up injured at was packed with douchbros from SI. Even the most misogynistic manarchist punkbros I met knew you didn’t go to shows just to fuck up other fans.

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the pit. No rules in the pit. :)

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☠ Anal Cunt - Don’t Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore ☠ (by bacterie7)

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